Heres what some of our members are saying about us….

    5 star review  My 9yr old had his first class tonight and he loved it now my 23yr old son wants to attend the adult classes Friendly environment for families highly recommend

    thumb Awhina Rogers

    5 star review  Great family atmosphere. Learning so much.

    thumb Ashlin Pahulu

    5 star review  I just can't keep away from this place

    thumb Driver 6 Pryors

    5 star review  Karl is great at coaching, articulation of required components to each movement and technically very knowledgeable. It's an honour to be his student

    thumb Warrick Hawton (Wazza)

    5 star review  Been training here for 2 years. This place has become a second home and everyone training with me is like family.

    thumb Salil Joshee

    5 star review  

    thumb Irish Tariau

    5 star review  Nice gym! Not as crowded as the others. The mats are clean and the toilet is well maintained. Coaches and practitioners are very friendly and family-oriented. Visit Clinch and see it for yourself!

    thumb Monica Blanca Monterozo

    5 star review  Clinch is a home away and a family away from family I have no regrets about being a proud member for over five years I love this club

    thumb mark watson

    positive review  awesome place and I recommend it .learn alot from attending Clinch .

    thumb Marsters Cindy

    positive review  awesome experience, I would love to do it again ❤

    thumb Mamoe Moe Lemafa

    positive review  love it awesome vibes with all of you's beautiful people.

    thumb Haups Heips Mateora

    positive review  Good workouts and good to learn self defense

    thumb Patrina Rota

    positive review  Love the Vibes and the energy is great

    thumb Alicia Leolahi Tuaineiti

    positive review  Awesome experience, would do it again.

    thumb Betty Ngaro

    positive review  Awesome Environment & Friendly Members/Coaches :)

    thumb Tyler Cockroft

    positive review  Awesome explanations and demonstrations on how to perform certain moves such as double leg takedown ! Great lil fitness for today

    thumb Eli Makita

    positive review  "O" For Awesome. Deffinately recommend to those who got GAME & keen to get them GAINZ. Atawai Wolo CLINCH TEAM�

    thumb Khyera-Irish Honatana-Tariau

    positive review  Seriously good! Would reccomend to anyone wanting to train for fitness or legitimate competition. Awesome teachers, awesome people and a great atmosphere to be in.

    thumb Aarie Tamatoa

    5 star review  Awesome atmosphere for learning, teachers are awesome and facilities are top notch. I will be coming back for more, no doubt about it. Keep it up Clinch!

    thumb Samuelu Livingstone

    positive review  Awesome team to work with loving the classes and all the encouragement and support from everyone!! #wouldhighlyrecommendtoeveryone!!

    thumb Antonina Ngaata