Learn effective Martial Arts with Clinch.

Located just minutes from the Airport in Mangere, South Auckland, Clinch BJJ & MMA is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts academy that specialises in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Martial Arts (MMA) including takedowns, grappling and submissions.

Our training covers all aspects of ground fighting most of what you see in MMA and UFC. Our goal is to empower our community through martial arts

Clinch is for everyone and anyone from beginners through to advanced levels. We focus on process and technical excellence,  incorporating intense fitness & conditioning programs different to other forms of training seen at Gyms…

Led by Head Coach and Will-Machado BJJ Black Belt Karl Norton, Clinch BJJ & MMA will help you learn:

  • Standup & Striking
  • Entries
  • Clinching
  • Takedowns
  • Ground Control
  • Submissions
  • Fitness & Conditioning

Clinch BJJ is proud to be associated with Will-Machado, Australasia as taught by premier head coach John Will.  John travels to New Zealand on a quarterly basis and teaches BJJ seminars to associates of the Will-Machado community.

The following programs are taught at Clinch BJJ & MMA South Auckland

Adults BJJ

Will / Machado BJJ syllabus techniques taught in structured classes with gi and no-gi grappling. Competition and self-defence training with beginners to advanced techniques. You will learn effective skills that can be applied immediately in the cage, or for real-life self-defense.

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Kids BJJ & Martial arts

Kids & Teens BJJ

Ideal for children aged between 7-15 years wanting to learn BJJ, basic self defense, discipline and build confidence in a safe learning environment.  We have 2 programs available, our Juniors and Teens.

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Kickboxing program

adults kickboxing

Overall kickboxing workout incorporating fitness & cardio, padwork, bagwork and combinations performed in interval structure for maximum fitness results. Our intensive workout sessions will develop your cardio, fitness and core strength with short burst rounds and even shorter recovery times.

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All of our classes are taught in a friendly, energetic gym environment by professional instructors with experience both in teaching and competition.

Whether you wish to train for fun, for fitness or for competition, Clinch BJJ is your one stop shop.

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