KIDS & TEENS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu AT CLINCH.

You know that exercise is an important part of every child’s development.

The increased access to digital technology has resulted in reduced physical activity. But with so many options, which one do you choose to best suit your child?

Seasonal sports are great, but how do you keep your kids fit and healthy off-season? What happens if your child doesn’t like ball sports or dance?

When do you start teaching children how to be assertive and skills to defend themselves?

Juniors self defence classes at Clinch


Jiu Jitsu is an all-encompassing extra-curricular activity that is a mix of sport and self defence, covering physical, mental, emotional and social development.

Our kids & teens program is highly regarded and aims to get kids active, feeling stronger and more confident.

Our teaching takes the student through a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery.

Here’s the top reasons why our Jiu Jitsu program can help your child. 

In each class they will learn skills in:


✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji BULLY Proof 

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Build CONFIDENCE

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji SAFE Environment

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Learn effective self-defence and age appropriate skills such as takedowns, grappling and submissions

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Improve their cognitive functioning and memory as they learn how to read their partner’s next move and choose from a series of appropriate defence strategies
✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Develop unique problem-solving skills and perseverance – The skills they applied with one partner may not work with another and giving up is not an option!
✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Build their fine/gross motor skills, coordination, balance and flexibility through a series of fun and engaging exercises
✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Increase their stamina and endurance through rolling sessions
✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Enhance their focus, discipline and attention which will effortlessly seep through into their schooling helping to improve their grades
✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Create a positive mindset attitude, self-belief and respect for others through our mat-culture
✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Boost their social skills as they continually come up close and personal with every member of the class and learn how to work together as a team and as a partnership