If you are looking for a well established school in the BJJ community, then you will find all of that and more here at CLINCH BJJ & MMA in South Auckland.
We offer BJJ classes from beginers throught to advance, covering both Gi and No Gi techniques, takedowns, drilling and rolling.  We are more than just a gym, we are a community and our school is a place where you can unwind from the daily stresses of life and make lifelong friends to enjoy the journey with.
Ladies Self Defence classes
Our aim is to instil in you a love and passion for BJJ that will last a lifetime, help you achieve things you never thought possible and meet all your requirements in a safe, warm and social environment.
Forget high-intensity training trends and sprint-runs.
An hour of rolling will burn more calories during and long AFTER class ends for increased fitness and accelerated weight-loss.
Increase your Fitness, Strength and Skills with our Adults BJJ and Martial Arts arts classes
Step outside your comfort zone now with our BJJ program that can help you set new GOALS and become the BEST version of YOU.

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Learn effective self-defence skills such as takedowns, grappling and submissions

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Strength and stamina as you build and use your muscles in a range of different partner drills and techniques

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Confidence, self-esteem and a growth mindset, which will surprise even you when you accomplish moves you never thought possible!

✓ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji Social network – Many of our students have formed life-long friendships through our strong community