Our values & commitments


Come to class…

  • Present and ready to participate
  • Ready and willing to learn
  • Curious with a growth mindset
  • Prepared and focused
  • Inspired and excited in your learning
  • Humble
  • Honest, loyal and transparent
  • Prepared to share and contribute
  • To be the best version of youself


  • PUNCTUAL to trainings
  • LEADING by example to yourself and others
  • RESPECTING your training partner. Help them to learn and feel awesome about their learning and training.
  • BE CONSISTENT & COMMITTED – its about the total journey
  • GIVE BACK – share your learnings and experiences with those following in behind you, leaning a new sport can be intimidating
  • ALWAYS let the trainer know of your GOOD reason for not being at training
  • NO BULLYING is tolerated


And of course to ensure everyones health and safety….

  • NO shoes, watches, jewellery or clothing with belts or zips are to be worn on mats. These can cause rips or tears.
  • NO bags or drink bottles to be taken on the mats. This causes clutter and spillages around the room
  • Footware must be used when entering the toilet areas.
  • For the safety of others, any cuts or open wounds must be covered otherwise no training is permitted.
  • If you are sick or have any infectious symptoms, please stay away fromt the gym until fully recovered.
  • Keep the room clean for the next class. Mats are to be wiped with spray bottles and towels provided